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    I'm back Hopefully with something a lot better than the last video, Scary Santa: The Christmas Special 2009.

    Tell me what you think.

    [ame=]YouTube - Room 444[/ame]

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    A good effort to experiment with the first person POV shot. I was going to say that when you first walk into a room you take in the whole thing (we think we see a wide angle shot though I suspect we have a quick glance round). I can see why you avaoided that here, though I still think you might get away with it to add a touch of realism.
    Even if it's a POV I think paning vack on yourself is best avoided - unless your eye catches something and you pan back to it.

    I didn't like the way the music suddenly stopped - maybe add some heavy reverb to emphasize the cut-off (if that's what you're going for)and the silence following this was held for a beat or two too long.

    I'm sure you can improve on getting the shots to line up, so you don't need such an obvious jump cut under the blur.

    The twins were really spooky.

    A simple film which was quite well executed. Room for improvement (isn't there always?) Once again, your ideas are just a tad ahead of your execution, but your improving all the time. Keep it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimStannard View Post
    Once again, your ideas are just a tad ahead of your execution, but your improving all the time. Keep it up.
    I'll go along with that assessment.

    The FPV approach does work but the camera movement it induces spoils the scenes with the chair jumping about randomly. The twins though are stars!
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    Good idea to shoot in black and white. You always start with good creative ideas Harry. BUT you seem to loose momentum. I thought the looking around the room went on for to long perhaps you could have built up the tension more by having something happen sooner. and then build on that until you reach the climax of the stabbing shots.

    The look of the whole thing was very nice, have you got a new camera ? The performance of the girls was eerily scary. I wouldn't like to meet them in a dark ally.

    I agree with Ian that the rocking chair FX would have been better if the camera had been in a fixed position. You would have found it easier to edit that bit as well.

    Keep coming up with these ideas as every one you do seems to get better.

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    Real Spooky

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    Thank you so much for the feedback guys, it is really appreciated. I have taken absolutely everything into account!

    In response to Midnight Blue's question, no i don't have a new camera. I suppose it was just me playing around with a few of the picture settings.

    You are all right about the rocking chair, it should have been in a fixed position. After watching it back, I do agree that a little bit of reverb should have been added to the classical score.

    Anyway, I will see you on here sometime soon with my next video. I really want to take on a challenge. I want to create a short video that is funny and something that all ages can relate to. WATCH OUT

    Best Wishes,

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    Quote Originally Posted by harrysfunzoneboy View Post
    Anyway, I will see you on here sometime soon with my next video.
    NOOOO! Don't be a stranger. hang out and comment on other people's videos.

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    Inspired by "The Shining" per chance, with the twins and the significance of the room number. That had great potential but seemed to run out of steam. It looked good. B&W was a good choice and the twins had a great look to them. Very spooky.

    I agree with other comments that the pan around the room was too long. I also didn't like the sudden loss of sound in places. It was jarring but not in a way to create tension. The music was good and fitted well, particularly the jaunty music. I think overall it was a good effort but needed some jotls to set the pulse racing.

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