Hi, I will begin shooting wedding video and edit them to. I will have to buy a camera and I'm having a difficult time choosing because my and product will be a standard definition DVD Pal. So my first question is obvious....should I buy a hd camera or a SD camera? I do want quality, but will I get more quality or the result will be the same? I live in Spain and people have hd tv's but SD DVD players....king of weird situation....if I shoot hd how will my DVD look on a 16:9 tv set? if the tv or dvd player will stretch the 720*576 to hd resolution the bride will look fat and will kill me....and I will probably have clients with 4:3 tv sets and I have no idea of what will become of my video image. I should say that I will edit with Premiere Pro CS4 and author with Encore CS4.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.