MiShorts has joined forces with the 2010 SEE film festival to bring you another online film competition and voting starts at midnight on Sunday, February 8th.

Brighton-based SEE is one of the UK’s top documentary festivals and they’ve invited four universities from the region to each submit one outstanding student film for the competition. With no rules on style or subject matter, the choice is varied, ranging from an intense examination of a troubled personality to the lyrical, visual exploration of a struggling seaside funfair.

Your task it to watch these excellent film in glorious HD on the MiShorts site and vote for your favourites. The winner will receive several prizes, including a year’s membership to Shooting People and priority consideration of their latest film for next year’s SEE. MiShorts will also feature the winning film as our April ‘Film of the Month’.

As with the recent Branchage competition, our special Culture Counter (CCTV?) will give you a real-time display of votes as they come in. Voting finishes at midnight on Feb 28th.
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