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Thread: My Rig & Software Studio/ Video Editing Rig...Good Enough For Video?

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    Default My Rig & Software Studio/ Video Editing Rig...Good Enough For Video?

    heres the computer and specs i have in my music recording studio...all the software i have for the video/audio aspect of film editing.....

    Main Rig:

    1.core i7 920 clocked @ 3.2 ghz, 8 mb l3 cache
    2.3GB triple channel DDR-3 clocked @ 1.8 ghz
    3.3x 500GB sata western digital hard drives @ 32mb cache
    4.gigabyte UD-5 motherboard, with 6 slots of tripple channel DDR-3 & tri-SLI


    1. 2 x nVidia geforce 8800GT SLI w/physx @ 700mhz core, 1850 memory
    2. samsung 1080p 24 inch monitor, HDMI from video cards


    1. m-audio fast track ultra 8r
    2. yamaha hs-80's professional monitors
    3.10 inch subwoofer


    1.adobe premiere cs4
    2.adobe after effects cs4 giant complete software line-up, EVERYTHING tools 7.4
    5.adobe audition 3

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    Very nice machine indeed but you may want to get some more ram and a raid if you want ultimate performance.

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    That would do nicely. The i7 is pretty future proof. 1.5TB will do for now.

    As mentioned, you should consider a RAM upgrade if you're struggling with plug-ins (think pro-tools)... make sure you're running Windows 64bit for that though

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