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Thread: Tilt Shifting in Vegas

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    Default Tilt Shifting in Vegas

    Hello marrs here.

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to Tilt Shift using sony vegas,or create the same effect.
    I have filmed a beach scene with lots of depth and action,I used a tripod and I could image that changing the depth of view would look great.

    Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

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    Thanks for opening my eyes to that effect. The DOF could probably be poorly inmitated but there's more to the look than that.

    For anyone else who hasn't come across this yet, take a look here.
    50 Beautiful Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography - Smashing Magazine

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    I suppose it could be approximated if you create a mask and place a defocus around it. With the right feathering, it might look right. Interesting to apply to video.

    Good link Tim.

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    I tried to emulate a tilt effect on an image and with some care and the right image you can do it, I use the cokie cutter and a slight gussian blur to achieve it

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