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    I have been doing wedding videos on a modest basis for a couple of years with acceptable results as I get word of mouth referrals. I am using Pinnacle 12ultimate. I am currently editing but when returning to the timeline I am finding some frames blacked out . When I view these on the preview screen there is a large blue exclamation mark on them. Has any one experienced similar. I don't know if the software has been infected or if it is a PC issue. Thanks

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    I would reinstall the software with the latest version, see if that helps.

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    It's a dropped or corrupt frame. Just cut it out of the time line or you could try re capturing the footage. When I first saw the Blue !, I thought someone was playing a subliminal game with me. So I researched it and found out that Pinnacle puts this there to replace a frame it can't read.

  4. Default black frames

    This is exactly what I am getting. I don't understand why it has just started however i will re-install the software and hope that cures it.
    Many thanks to those who replied

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    Re-installing the software is not necessarily whats needed. It's more to do with what's happening on your PC when you are capturing your footage. Make sure all the back ground items are not running when you capture such as anti virus etc. Do a defrag etc..., all the usual stuff. These things might help if your dropping frames when capturing.

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    Great advice MD. Nice post

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    I have discovered part of my problem. (Could be a PC issue also) I recently bought a new camcorder to complement my main one. In checking the shutter speed it appears both auto settings are different ie one camera is 25fps and the other is 30fps - the latter was the dropped frames as they would not mix with a 25fps project. One camera is also a NSTC system which I have only just discovered. The other is PAL. Haven't tried yet but I am assuming they will be compatiable with the editing software if they are both set at the same shutter speed (30fps). If not -camcorder for sale!

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    If you are going for the 30fps option I presume you are in the US of A. I wish people would show where they are from so I don't have to guess. If you are in the UK you should choose 25fps. Make sure Pinnacle is correctly set for PAL or NTSC which ever you need.

    Edit Sorry that was really badly written I'm sure you know I was trying to say:-

    PAL = 25fps

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    no I am in Uk but unfortunately I bought camera with NSTc system (not thinking)- the description did say however it was compatiable with PAL. It does not have a 25 setting whereas my main camcorder (Pal) has 25 and 30 so I'm hoping I can mix frames when both at 30fps setting. I did not think I would have trouble with Pinnacle in this respect. I have dragged frames from 30fps to timeline(not mixing with 25 ) and they seemed ok - but I will have to experiment further. if both cameras are compariable at 30fps I might be ok - but then changing Pinnacle setting is another issue.

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