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    Default Keeping Text/Image Still Vegas 8

    I was wondering how to make a shot in a video where there appears to be some text on the wall and it does not "appear" to move as the camera changes angle and moves on. Now, I know that I can do this under "event pan/crop" with keyframes, but I cannot achieve a realistic look. Is there another way to do this? Or a special technique?

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    The technique you refer to is called "Motion Tracking". Vegas does not have a built in motion tracking tool. Products such as Adobe After Effects do have.

    You should be able to create a similar effect in Vegas though it will be pretty hard work as you'll get better results with more keyframes.

    You should also use "Track Motion" as well as (or possibly in preference to) "Pan and Crop" because it allows you to move (in this case your text) in a 3D space (in your existing video the wall moves in three dimensions in relation to the camera which is one reason why P&C alone diesn't look right.)

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    to anyone who could use this, here's the tutorial

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