Good evening to all.

Other forums (music etc) I use are very helpful so looking forward to some good advice here. It seems an active group reading through some of the threads.

My issue:
Canon FS200
Corel Video Studio X2 (v12?)
I have prepared a short video, which was saved as a Corel Project file initially.
This was then subsequently converted to an .avi file and also a .mpeg.

Trying to insert this onto both the Canon Image Gateway and also the Canon video podcast utility (not sure I understand the latter as I haven't been able to access it!)

When trying to upload the message is that it is an unrecognised format, which surprises me as .avi is a recognised format.

Question is, is the Corel software a clunky package, despite its general recommendations on the web for ease of use, which is ultimately incompatible with other things, or is this newbie just being a numpty?