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Thread: 6GB Ram With Sony Vegas?

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    Cool 6GB Ram With Sony Vegas?

    Is the Sony Vegas 9.0 Pro preview window likely to freeze on a desktop PC with a 6GB ram and a 1GB graphics card?

    See I'm getting a new computer with 6GB ram and 1GB graphics card. Is the sony vegas vide preveiw window at best qualitly likely to freeze? I am currently using a PC (Laptop) with 2GB Ram and about 0.3GB graphics and it seems to freeze a bit or play frame at a time if the video has lots of layers. Oh, and is Sony Vegas likely to work on a 23" widescreen PC? If it helps, the computer hard drive is 1024GB.


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    The card will be fine, The reason for the freeze in the laptop is because the LT is trying to work hard to produce the preview, try changing the video resolution and see if that helps, this will not effect the finished output / render.

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    I run Vegas on a widescreen display and some of the rendering custom windows wont fit on the screen top to bottom. Example the mpeg2 custom window either I can't get the top bar or I can't get the bottom tabs. My screen resolution is only 1360x768 because I use a widescreen LCD TV as my monitor. If you have a higher screen resolution you shouldn't have this problem.

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