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Thread: Video of the Month, January 2010

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    Default Video of the Month, January 2010

    What is Video of the Month?

    Video of the Month is a contest to chose our the our monthly champion of the User Video section. Any listed video is eligible for the video of the month.

    How do videos get nominated for video of the month?

    At the end of the month anyone can pick the creme de la creme of the videos posted in the user videos section by joining in the discussions at Video Editing Forums: Digital Director - Video of the Month nominations. A poll is then created for the shortlisted 5 videos.

    What determines a Video of the Month?

    Video of the Month is based on a simple voting system. Throughout the month you can vote for one of the nominated videos. At the end of the month, the video with the most votes is crowned Video of the Month.
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    Default The long list

    need creative advice (newbie) by goonerman007 (thread rating 0)
    Edited in Powerdirector by walata (thread rating 0)
    Simple animation part 1 by Shrimpfarmer (thread rating 0)
    Ratings on my video by walata (thread rating 0)
    My Epic Igloo by Swoboman87 (thread rating 0)
    family vid intro by goonerman007 (thread rating 0)
    Simple Animation Part 2 by Shrimpfarmer (thread rating 0)
    New Harry Potter Sketch Video- The Half Blood Cup and The Quarter-Blood Princess by Loonieran (thread rating 5)
    First video (walking backwards through city square) by goonerman007 (thread rating 0)
    What do you think about this 15 second vid? by goonerman007 (thread rating 0)
    My mobile video for a contest by Irene (thread rating 5)
    Zi8 any good? You decide! by miwhel (thread rating 0)
    Dancer Trailer by Fingercuff (thread rating 0)
    how to convert my videos to avi format? by LoGalisSve (thread rating 0)
    Snowy Garden by Midnight Blue (thread rating 0)
    Musicvideo: Selectamood - Floating Notes Of Fantasy by stoptheclock (thread rating 0)
    My bands video clip by ben704 (thread rating 0)
    Help us win a trip to Southafrica! by William_one (thread rating 0)
    Simple animation part 3 by Shrimpfarmer (thread rating 0)
    Giraffe Dance Music Video Critique by filter5 (thread rating 0)
    My First Music Video by PepperBel (thread rating 0)
    My Kurdish Barber. by vertovian (thread rating 0)
    Light on White by Midnight Blue (thread rating 5)
    How you can help with climate change (comedy) by clay_9 (thread rating 5)
    My "Did you know" animation video by RickyD (thread rating 0)
    Simple Animation Part 4 by Shrimpfarmer (thread rating 0)
    Music Videos by kingjae (thread rating 0)
    i is for ...... by enc (thread rating 0)
    New to forum and need help by connieb (thread rating 0)
    An Angry Man Trailer by rich g. (thread rating 1)
    Documentary - Trailer - Sound man by JMM (thread rating 5)
    The Emerald Dagger by Shrimpfarmer (thread rating 0)
    trailor - clash wrestling live event by indyfan8 (thread rating 0)
    Coming soon - I hope ! by Midnight Blue (thread rating 5)
    Friend or Foe music Video by Rebel (thread rating 0)
    Some stuff from Dhaka by miwhel (thread rating 0)
    The Stapler by scl95 (thread rating 0)
    Fast Motion Vid by Rebel (thread rating 0)
    Zi8 goes shopping by miwhel (thread rating 0)
    Iceland tour by Shrimpfarmer (thread rating 0)
    Do you like cake? by Shrimpfarmer (thread rating 5)
    Guy Mannion Presents: Dan Priddy's 'Angel' by GuyMannion (thread rating 0)
    Gold by BritishEye (thread rating 5)
    Newbie video by jcp (thread rating 0)
    Dance video by Dolo (thread rating 0)
    Title Sequence by Dolo (thread rating 0)
    Durham, Land Of The Prince Bishops. by Blackadder (thread rating 0)
    Promotional Video by lake54 (thread rating 0)
    FXXX you EDL. by vertovian (thread rating 0)
    decision on video that i made by Mikifiki (thread rating 5)
    Sunbury Regatta 2009 by TimStannard (thread rating 0)
    The Emerald Dagger Part 2 by Shrimpfarmer (thread rating 0)
    Title sequence for YouTube sereis by MatthewPerks (thread rating 0)
    Earth by HSTvids (thread rating 0)
    Timothy's Piano (Student Drama) by Sarghm (thread rating 5)
    Sheep that go nom nom by clay_9 (thread rating 5)
    Hello, just introducing myself with the last vid I made by RobertK (thread rating 0)
    HD wedding showreel by Mads Dreier Photography (thread rating 0)
    Another musical video attempt by jcp (thread rating 0)
    Trail for new dance film/live performance by Wilkie Branson (thread rating 0)
    Rotatable Shortwave Antenna by worddigger (thread rating 0)
    Trailer MARSEILLE from KDvideo by Manuele (thread rating 0)

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    I would like to see more people voting. Even if you are new you can have a quike look at the nominations ( just click on the links above ) and vote for the video you like best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    I would like to see more people voting.
    Indeed. Ridiculous as this may sound this is currently looking like a record for number of votes cast in VOTM.

    Everyone should vote. It's a small way of putting something back into our community.

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    I think the reason they get so few votes is that its in a section of the site that has been innactive for quite a while, and it does not get a great deal of footfall even when it is active.

    The place for it is pinned to the top of the user videos section methinks

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    Congratulations Robert K. A worthy winner.
    This video must have had something special as it's qute difficult for a newbie to the forum to break through with his first posting.

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    Yes, Robert very well done. It was a great first time music video. A worthy winner. I like that it showed that a music video does not have to be all whistles and bells. With cuts as fast as a wood peckers beak, FX falling over each other etc...

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    I knew it was a winner from the moment I saw. Congratulations matey, very good indeed and well deserved.

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