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Thread: Dramatic Reading - Comedy

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    Default Dramatic Reading - Comedy

    My new video I filmed this morning and edited this afternoon.
    I'm trying to teach my mate the fine art of operating a camera, framing, focus, exposure etc. And kind of used this as an opportunity to test him out, it's turned out quite well.
    So, 'spice up your life' dramatic reading. Enjoy.

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    Once again, a simple video that made me laugh (out loud, no less).

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    A good laugh.
    Getting someone else to be able to operate the camera whilst you perform will definitely add another string to your bow.
    There were some shots which worked very well which would be impossible to do solo.
    In particular I liked the sequences where you walk towards the camera and the camera zooms out from a close up (or mid shot) to a wide or very wide. A very good example of this was 30-40s. Not a perfect zoom by any means, but the concept works very well.

    Another aspect of filmmaking this demostrates so well (and this film would be an excellent example in a tutorial on the matter) is the benefit of using a lavalier (tie clip) mic - or indeed any mic close to the source.

    Over my PC speakers the sound was so consistent that for the first few shots I thought you'd shot it in front of a green screen.

    So, whilst the content might be fun, the film demonstrates two very important aspects of filmmaking.

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    These films really should get more comments than they do.

    I have pondered this this morning and I have come to the conclusion that viewers may actually be stumped into silence, not knowing how to react. To my mind you have a sense of humour thats quite different to the norm. For me it fails to trigger the laugh but at times comes very close. Its the material, not the delivery I think.

    This film did not make me laugh but my wife, typing away on her PC next to me laughed and asked me what it was. We then had a discussion about what is funny and what is not. I showed her some of your other films and blow me down she laughed out loud, especially with the nom nom sheep. Its quite fascinating how our brains are wired. Her receptors link easily to your material when mine don't. I may not get the laugh, but I always enjoy seeing what the hell you have come up with next.

    Keep them coming Clay. Maybe others will add to this thread on what makes them laugh about this material. My wife is still giggling now.


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    I thought it was funny; there were bursts of laughter, you reminded me of the guy who does the Outtake show on BBC, I don't know his name. You are his younger version, those glasses, geeky an all added very well to the humour.

    I think you have found a platform for funny films yet to come, and I for one will look forward to your next offerings.....

    You reminded me of the comedian on this weeks Mock The Week, Milton Jones with his joke.
    I have just come back from Australia, where I learnt some Aboriginal words.
    Boo - To return, because when you throw a meringue.............................
    Very funny indeed, and I think your a lined with his humour, all the best.
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    Yet again a good comedy moment excellently executed. I think Tim is right about having someone film you it will free you up to concentrate on the performance which you always do very well.

    Well done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrimpfarmer View Post
    These films really should get more comments than they do.

    I have pondered this this morning and I have come to the conclusion that viewers may actually be stumped into silence, not knowing how to react. To my mind you have a sense of humour thats quite different to the norm...(snip)

    Humor's a hit and miss kind of thing. Actually, everything is a hit and miss thing; that's why our critiques are all over the place

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    The audio was great.

    I feel like i'm missing something? A lot of the comments talk about about the comedy, I just didn't see it. I guess it's just not my cup of tee.

    But audio and the quality of the video, have to give an A+

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    made me laugh

    are you working towards a sketch show clay 9 ?

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    I have to be honest. I didn't find it particularly funny. For the length it was, it might have been best to segue into different song lyrics to negate the predicatability. Having said that your stuff is always a good watch and it's good to see you have someone to help with camerawork. The footage looked good and well composed. However, I have to disagree with Tim. I thought the zoom outs were too fast.

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