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    Hello im 13 years old and have a great intrest in video editing and filming. Recently i have saved alot of money from my birthday, paper round and christmas and i used to own a canon fs100 which im selling now.

    At the time when i brought this it was quite a decent camcorder. But since then hd has took over and it has no longer any use to me and i want to buy another camcorder but the problem is im stuck.

    I've got just over 800 pounds but i can save more but this ain't the problem the fact is that most consumer camcorders are rubbish and the next step up to professional camcorders are like in the thousands.

    The best camcorder i've seen at the moment in my opion is the hfs 100. Thing is this is 623 pound and im wondering is it just worth saving my money and waiting till technology advances. I dont want to buy it and suddenly its rubbish compaired to new ones.

    Can anyone recomend me some good hd camcorders which would be good for a professional/Prosumer standard and also would getting like a camcorder like the hfs 100 along with a tripod and sell stock footage make me a good amount of money? And then i could advance to a better camcorder.

    Thanks for your help in advance
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