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    Hey guys I work for a small production company in the UK, we produce information DVD's that we sell nationally.
    However lately I've been getting a few contracts outside of work, I've been doing most of these so far with my works camera which is a Sony DSR-570WSP with a CANON YJ20x8.5B4 KRS SX12 lens.

    I've just got the dates for my next pieces of filming and some of them are clashing with when the camera is being used at work which means I wo'n't be able to use it.

    So as you will have guessed I'm looking to buy a new camera for personal use, my budget is around 6500 i'd prefer a shoulder cam but not too fussed, it'll need to be PAL, capable of 16:9, at least the same kind of quality as my works cam and if I can for the budget (probably not lol) preferably be HD (i'd like to move away from dvcam).

    Ive seen this cam withinm my budget would this full all my needs? does anyone know if the quality is good with this cam?

    any help would be great time is running out for me lol

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    I Have the JVC HM700, it's OK not brilliant in low light, buts fits your requirements
    HD, 16:9, records on SD cards

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    Thanks for the reply dude, Ye I have never normally had to use my cam in low light settings, usually the work I have been doing ( apart from studio work but we have lights so thats fine) has been either outside in daylight or conference centers which are usually lit well enough for my needs.

    What about the quality of the footage? How does it look in good lighting?

    I understand the workflow between the cam and fcp is great so thats a real plus for me.

    Thanks for the reply I really appreciate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z Cheema View Post
    I Have the JVC HM700 ...
    Oh you lucky, lucky man. Dribble, drool.

    Sorry, just jealous.

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    I did look at the panasonic 301 but by the time I have the cards + batteries (the jvc uses the same batteries as my work cam and we have looads) im gonna be overbudget by a lot.

    I think the JVC gonna be the one for me I was just worried about the quality cos I've not seen any JCV cameras before tbh.

    Thanks for all the info so far guys.

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