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Thread: Mixing Formats! My unsolveable flicker issue

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    I will try to keep this as short as humanly possible. I have a problem. I have created this problem all by myself, and I feel pretty ashamed turning to you guys (who are more skilled in this area then I am).

    I am currently working on a project witch includes several types of video/other formats. Videos from cellphones, PAL SD clips, HDV clips, Pictures etc. No need to explain why, but the mixing of different quality’s is pretty much the idea of the whole project. I work in Vegas 9 and DVD Architect 4.5.

    The formats I plan to be using is.

    DV SD Clips
    Lower field first

    M2TS Clips (Succesfully converted to .AVI since my computer couldn’t handle them)
    Lower field first

    Cellphone videos
    Random sizes
    Probably different field orders too.

    HDV Clips (filmed with a SONY HDR – HC5E Camcorder)
    Lower field first (apparently, Atleast Vegas tells me they are)

    Before even starting to edit I wanted to make sure that the files were possible to keep on the same timeline and that the DVD output would look ok. So, I made a little montage containing every filetype stated above. So far, everything great. 12 hours later Ive tried virtually every setting when putting my file out of Vegas and into Architect. I also tried atleast 20 different settings in Architect. Problem is, I don’t know enough about what Iam doing. Everything looks great (considering the circumstances), expect one thing. THE SONY HDR – HC5E HDV CLIPS WONT STOP INTERLACE FLICKERING. I have now 30 test-burned dvd´s sitting in front of me, and the HDV clips flicker on every single one.

    I now turn to you. It would be soooo very awesome if someone would like to share a little knowledge here. I would be forever grateful. I really don’t want to convert the hdv clips. I converted the M2TS files to regular DV, and I did hope that was all. Thanks so much for reading this! Please find it in your heart to save my brain. Iam losing it.

    Thanks for your attention!

    Have a nice day!


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    Have you tried rendering it to progressive and then editing it ? Know idea if it will work but worth a try if you haven't already.

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