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Thread: Dusk over Anglezarke

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    Default Dusk over Anglezarke

    ok its working now (t think)

    YouTube- dusk over anglezark hd from pe

    Shot on Wednesday in Rivington Lancs. Trying out DOF on the Panasonic TZ7.

    quite a bit of quality lost on the bouncing to and from editors and subsequent upload to you tube which is a pitty please view in the 720 option.

    music is by Delphic.
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    What happend ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    What happend ?
    cant get it to embed

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    Stunning images. I think the sign of a pro was when the birds took off, the armature would had followed the birds with the camera but you held your position.

    Just one thing about it. Is it video or is it photography. I like this sort of video I made one myself when it snowed but I've heard others talking in another thread about this sort of movie. Would it have been better shot with a still camera and showing it as a slide show.

    I fall on the side of video. BUT I thought I'd bring up this talking point.

    I like the video. period.

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    Thanks MB

    as to whether its photography or video ?? it was shot whilst on a photography outing but without narrative or voice over im not sure ! i would like to think video.

    with the light as it was i really couldn't miss the oportunity and not film

    so what do people think is it too dark, scenes too long/short, samey, overall length too short ? (got loads more footage but i reckon 90 seconds is just right in this case)

    at 720 how does the transfer to youtube look ? as i say it was bounced between editors 3 times before the final render.

    one day i'll produce something with a script.

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    There's some beautiful footage there. Did you do much in the way of colour correction ? I think a poem recited over the music would work wonders for such a piece.

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    I love the way you think mhh. Poetry would be fabulous over this. But don't think of putting John Cooper Clarke over it.

    I think the quality is fine for youtube especially as it was "bounced" between editors 3 times. The original must look truly stunning. I forgot to say the first shot was out standing. BUT I felt you should have waited until the second shot before your the title appeared.
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    Beautiful shots, good music. I had the same thought as Midnight when the birds took off at the end.

    As for the subject of "Is it photography or is it video," I think this is photography. Why? It was shot simply because it was beautiful; it's a slideshow of photos that happen to move (a little). Video, in my understanding, is shots put together to tell a story, and whether or not they are beautiful is irrelevant, or rather, only relevant if that beauty contributes to the story. These shots--this sequence--might be used, for example, over the opening credits, and gradually transition to someone sitting thoughtfully on the riverbank..

    Just thinking out loud, so to speak

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    Just my opinion which differs from Dave's...

    Absolutely this is a video. It has movement and the movement is crucial to the shots and is part of the beauty.

    I disagree with Dave's suggestion that a video is a sequence that tells a story. To me the difference between video and stills is purely how one captures movement. With video you literally capture the movement, with stills you have to be more creative.

    A sequence of stills - even a single still - can tell a story, and video can simply be descriptive shots. (However I would certainly not recommend a series of video shots without any movement)

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    some nice atmospheric shots in there

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