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Thread: Trial Of Vegas 9

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    Default Trial Of Vegas 9

    Evening MB I know your lurking lol

    I downloaded Vegas today, just had a quick look on there website, but couldn't find the info I need.

    Is Sony Vegas 9 trial Fully functional version?

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    Yes. I was reading you hardware advice. I'm defo going to be knocking on your door when I'm ready to up date. I think you give really sound advice.

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    What what have I done ???? theres me really asking your advice, coz Tim's busy.

    Where is it Eh? lol MMmmmmm

    Cool no problem, anytime I have done a lot of research......Mind due your a vegas

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    Next you'll be knocking me because I don't use linux.

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    You don't use Linux; you soft fluffy bunny

    So come then Vegas the trail fully functional?

    That twices you posted lol I bet you don't know?

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    I did say YES. Look at the first word of my first answer. YES, YES, YES, it is 100% fully functional. BUT only if you install it. Doh !!!!!!

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    LOL Doh!!!!! I took that to be YES! am lurking, stupid me lol well it is late, thats my excuse. I retract what ever I said lol

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    Tell you what though; I also put on Blender...OMG am gonna need a software engineering degree to get that Sucker! to work Its so complex; I know how they make there money though, all the how to DvD's lol

    Well I'll spend the next six months going thru all the tutorials and end up with a bouncing ball. LOL I can buy one from the local shop for 75p.

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    I know what you mean I was feeling brave one day and download a 3d animation program. After a week I managed to produce a spinning square, it wasn't even shiney. lol

    I gave in the end.

    I hope you like Vegas. I gave up an NLE that is probably better suited to me (Edius 5), for Sony Vegas Pro 9, because it did more things than Edius even though I haven't used half of them. BUT that's just typical me, if it's shinier, fast, brighter etc. I want it. when it comes to computer hardware and software. lol

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    Yeah lol Oh check this out, this was done in blender.

    So I wonder how many years it will take me to do something like tis good though.

    I wonder if I'll be sick of you tube by the end LOL
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