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    Default vegas 8 help

    my usual weapon of choice is pe7 but as i wanted to use mb looks on this project i fired up old faithful vegas 8.

    the footage was shot in avchd on my panasonic compact edited and rendered as avi in pe7 then the avi footage imported into vegas for colour grading in mb...... all is well

    i want to save this project for upload to youtube/vimeo etc howevewr, unless i render in the default WMV codec (WMV v9 29 fps 720x480) either the video looks crappy or my machine crashes

    what settings are peeps using to get decent reliable results with hd footage all be it at the lower 720.

    i tried the search function but no help in this case.

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    Never done this workflow to YouTube so I can't comment . . . ?

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    I always send stuff to YouTube in mpeg2. I usually send it 1280 x 720 even though it's SD. 25 fps. Select aspect ratio 16:9 display, bit rate max 8,000,000. Average 4,000,000, minimum 2,000,000. Two pass, video quality high, Project tab set to best.

    Hope that helps.

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    cheers mb ill give it a whirl
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