I used to love my EX1 and now feel a little bit less ecstatic...

If anyone can shed any light/suggestions on the following it'd be great:

This is surely a bug;
When there's less than 6 mins media or less than 31(?) mins battery, the scroll wheel and joystick stop working so I can't change the shutter speed/gain/etc via menu

I cannot focus anywhere close to infinity when I'm zoomed in..
When fully zoomed in (particularly on f1.9) it's almost a joke; the background is like soup while objects 50ft away are perfectly sharp. Macro is off.
It also occasionally drifts visibly out when zoomed in and wide open (DOF indicator noticably slips)

Help! I'm really relying on it at the moment to shoot a huge documentary project in across england on young people and the education system.

Thanks : )