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Thread: Speed Dating - Viral trailer

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    Default Speed Dating - Viral trailer

    happy to announce, one of the viral trailers planned for our future production - SPEED DATING - is now on line at the KHP youtube page.


    I hope...

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    Loved the way he gets "to the point" when he realises time is running out. Really made me laugh.
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    Funny; Love the mustache am sure he must bat for the otherside LOL.......Someone collect from the closet.

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    Thanks Robert, glad you laughed!! Must mean it's work as planned. We plan to do more of our 'daters' in the lead up to showing the finished short.

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    That gave me a real chuckle. Well done guys. I'm sure the finished piece is going to be hilarious.

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    That was funny. I think you could have actually pushed the sleaziness of the guy a bit further. How long is the future production planned to be ?

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    Best laugh of the day so far

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    Default Bruce - Speed Dating

    thanks a lot - sincerely - for the positive response to the viral trailer, and there will be more to follow, with other character introductions as we progress. I'll happily be posting those links as they go 'live.'

    Right now, the script runs to 22 pages, but with editing, we see a finished running time of around 15 minutes given the scripted nature of the Speed Dating event.

    And don't think for one second Bruce is the only 'freak' at this event...

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    I really enjoyed this. Very funny, can't wait to see more. The actor was very into his part, to the point I actually felt the same way lol.

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