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Thread: This is really breaking me down - m2ts files

  1. Default This is really breaking me down - m2ts files


    To a real beginner this is really starting to mess me up. I am currently working on a project which mostly consists of good old DV video. AVI files, Interlaced, Lower field first. Fits perfectly into my regular workflow, Vegas 9.

    Disaster strikes when i notice that over 60% of the my material (given from a friend) is m2ts files. I have given up trying to edit them uncompressed. My computer cant carry it. Recent studies have shown me that TMPGenc is probably the best conversion tool out there. I have obtained it, but have absolutely no idea witch settings to use. I want to loose as little qualtiy as is humanly possible. I realize that a certain amount of loss is unavoidable. I really want to keep the widescreen to.

    I now turn to you more educated regarding the subject. I would REALLY be a fantastic favor if anyone is willing to share a little knowledge. I simply want to put the files into (and out of) Vegas without any hassle. How to I convert them in TMPGenc? Witch settings, witch format? How do I avoid field order problems?
    Thanks sooo much for your time!

    Have a nice day!


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    I haven't use TMPGenc so I can't tell you the specifics of what to click BUT before I know where to start I need to know about the original footage. I know it's m2t but is it shot in 1018i, 720p, 25 fps, bit rates etc. use Gspot to get this information. Then use what it says to match the conversion in TMPGenc only use the .avi format so it's not compressed.

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    Clips are 25 fps. Interlaced, Top field first. Square pixel and 1920x1080.
    Hope this helps you to help me!

    Choosing AVI as format brings me to a selection of codecs (Cinepack by Radius, Helix, Indel etc.) I have been trying multiple of these options and everyone i tried has brought me another file not playable in VLC and not editable in Vegas. I have no idea what Iam doing wrong? Is it maybe a good idea to decrease the size? 720x640?

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    Rather than have multiple file types on the timeline, why not just convert them all to say mpeg2 (Use the mainconcept for DVDA template, but tick 'include audio'). Then make sure that you set your project properties to match the rendered files. Should be a breeze after that.

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    I can't recommend one codec over another as I don't know enough about codecs.

    As regards the size don't go smaller than the final out put size. For example if you are going to be burning to a standard PAL DVD the size would be 720 x 576. As you have a 1080i recording this would be the size if you wanted to keep the best quality.

    I'm sorry I don't know this program so I'm not sure what else to say. Hope fully someone who has used the program may come along and help.

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    But why use TMPGenc if you can convert in Vegas??? Drop the .m2ts on the timeline. Convert. Drop the .avi on the time line. Convert. And so on.

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    First of all, thanks sooo much!

    Was thinking about the Vegas conversion method too. Thought TMPGenc was better fit for the task though, since its a program built simply for conversion. I am probably wrong though. I am wrong surprisingly often.

    In the case of Vegas conversion. What is the best codec here? Do I even use codecs?

    And once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    Have a nice day


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    What will the final output be. DVD, Blue Ray, YouTube ? OR just computer file for viewing on computer ?

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    As MB sez, what is the final intended output to? Also, be aware that you will be creating new copies of your files to work with. The originals will be left as is.

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    Sorry, forgot about mentioning that. Seems pretty essential for the conversion. The final output will be regular DVD (mpeg 2) streamed Vimeo and downloadable mp4.

    Trying conversion via Vegas as we speak. Any suggestions about the settings?

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