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Thread: Question about Quality of Uploaded video from Camera

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    Default Question about Quality of Uploaded video from Camera


    I recently got a SOny Handycam DCR TRV22 and have been uploading footage onto my computer. The only problem was the footage wasn't very clear, it had many digital squares and just didn't look good. I had been uploading it with just a USB cable. I then purchased a Firewire cable, and the quality improved, but it still wasn't very good. So now I think I might need a new updated Videocard. Anyone have any recomendations or know a way around buying a new card? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance

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    ok, in which way isn't the firewire-transferred video any good? The video you get through firewire is EXACTLY the same as is on the DV tape in your camera. A new GFX card ain't gonna fix that, sadly.

    Is it still blocky? Is it the interlacing artifacts? What DV codec are you using to view the files? Go get yourself the panasonic one from and that should help you.
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    Throw that USB cable away...I dont know why the camcorder manufacturers bother with them.

    Could be the same problem I was getting that the default "free" DVD editing software that came on my PC automaticaly converting the firewire camcorder input into MPEG format, and some data was lost in the compression.

    Is your clip defaulting to MPEG, or is it a larger AVI file?

    Try checking the software options to minimise compression as the file is "downloaded"

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    Thanks guys, I fixed it, the qaulity is perfect, but now I have a new problem.

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