I recently acquired a Sanyo Xacti which makes MPEG-4 H.264 clips. I process these on multiAVCHD and play them on an SD card in my Panasonic Blu-Ray player.
I have previously used Windows Live Movie Maker (the newest one) and this will process the MPEG-4 clips, but the output is only .wmv, which multiAVCHD won't process. (It will do HD-wmv.)
What I am looking for is a *simple* Windows Movie Maker-like editor/creator that will output MPEG-4 which will then process on multiAVCHD. I do want High Def throughout the chain.
I'm guessing there is no cheap tool for this (if there is one) but I thought I would ask. Once again, I don't want to do anything really fancy in the way of editing.
Any ideas? Help most appreciated!!!