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    I have made an 8 minute video in Movie Maker II & have saved the movie as DV AVI. When I try to use Pinnacle instant DVD software the program says the Movie Maker AVI isn't an AVI & can't recognize the file. So, how can I use MMII to make a DVD? I also have saved to DV tape using firewire & find the audio 'drops out' in places, only a few times & not on every transition, but the transitions seem to bee the problem.

    Any ideas?


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    Movie Maker DV AVI should be readable ; if it isn't maybe there is a codec conflict problem, try looking here (I quote from that page):

    "Known problems programs include: Angel Potion, Nimo, and Video Impression (DVSoft.dll) that is part of Easy CD Creator Platinum."

    Also, you could have a look at some alternative (mostly free) software and creation guides. This isn't really to make you change what you already have, but just so that you can absorb some of the useful tips that are contained in these pages.

    Software: tMPEGenc, you aren't working with Premiere but the gist of it is here

    Software: bbMPEG to create MPEG (DVD and VCD) files

    OK guide for creating DVDs but with other software (with links to other guides)


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