Hi all (I'm new to the forum and new to video editing in general)

I just upgraded from Windows Movie Maker to Adobe Premiere CS3 v3.

I have a full video edited with multiple clips. It's ready to export except it seems every time I output the movie file (.wmv at the moment) the clips seem to drop at least one or two audio portions of specific clips.

I exported the same project about 3 times and every time i went back into the project to fix (re-clip) the same two clips missing audio, it would drop again after export. Since it was the same two clips, I decided to export the movie into two parts and then join them together assuming the clips (although separate) might have something to do with eachother.

No luck, now part 1 and part 2 both have respective missing audio parts of their own. I can't for the life of me figure this out! (No audio streams are muted and they at least initially play with sound perfectly in the project view).

PS: When I tried to import the two clips to a new project to conjoin them, Premiere tells me they are coorupt/damaged/unsupported.

Any help is much appreciated!b