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Thread: A Music video shot on the Canon Xh a1 & the Sgpro + RedrockMicro mattebox & shoulder.

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    Lightbulb A Music video shot on the Canon Xh a1 & the Sgpro + RedrockMicro mattebox & shoulder.

    The music video was shot for the Belgian rockband KEEFMAN, the song is "Magere Meisjes" = "Skinny girls" in English. The video was shot on a deserted leasure/holiday facility.

    As said in the title I used my Canon xh-a1 with an Sgpro 35mm adapter combined to a redrock mattebox & shouldermount. Feedback is welcome as always...

    (use the HD or 720p function for best result)
    some stills:

    making off:

    In a previous thread I posted the teaser video that was made to announce this music video...for those who missed it here's another chance:

    take care all!
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    Good Pro job. At 1:57 I would have loved to see all the women nodding to he music in synchronisation. I liked the ending.

    Great job.

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    Slick. Kept me watching. I found the vignetting left & right distracting though (as seen in the middle still above)

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    I absolutely loved it. I thought the cinematography was stunning and the retro/sun-kissed look really lends itself to the fuzzy sound of the song.

    If I had to pick holes I thought the scenes with the women kicking the singer towards the end looked a bit underplayed. I'd have liked the slightly surreal action to continue or something a bit unexpected.

    But it's lightyears ahead of anything I could do. The costumes, characters and setting looked great and I loved the scenes with the synchronisation.
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    Great music video! We really liked it.
    The shot of the skinny woman banging her head against the wall to the beat was very effective & the rampaging mob of fat/normal women all dressed in black, blonde wigs & sunglasses was also particularly striking.
    We thought the song was pretty ordinary but was made to seem a lot better by a great video, & so in that respect you really succeeded.

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    Certainly a good effort but I am going to be a little picky. I watched and listened through headphones. During the opening sequence we have a mismatch, the sound of the skater is off to the right, the visual of the skater is more central coming towards us and the three blondes are reacting by looking left.

    Nice job though

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    Thank you all for the feedback, to be honest it was the 1st professional music video I shot & edited. We were well prepared & lots of motivated people have helped us out into realising this video. We had close to no budget but everybody worked as a team. Still I'm not completely satisfied with the result, certain things should have been, while some shouldn't ...but at the end of the day I learned a lot, and I think that's what it's all about: progression.

    The video is now playing on a Belgian music channel called TMF and so far reactions are good. Seems like the song will not be a hit but at this moment we are shooting a second one for Keefman & I'm editing a 3rd music video that has already been shot for another Belgian band. I'll keep you posted when these 2 get released on the net.

    Those who still have questions or want to share some feedback feel free to do so as it really helps me a lot and gives the opportunity to see the video in another way. Sometimes it's hard to take some distance when you've been editing it day after day...

    take care !

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