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Thread: You Mac users are just a bunch of GEEKS!

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    Wink Mac users are just a bunch of GEEKS!

    Well I never; I am shocked, as I have just found out something that I never knew.....Whilst poking around the Mac world so foreign to me

    Mac OS X

    Mac OS X is built on a version of Unix called Darwin. To access the Unix command prompt in Mac OS X, open the Terminal application. It is located by default inside the Utilities folder, which in turn is inside the Applications folder.

    What is a command prompt? - Knowledge Base

    "Please insert a few choice of swear words TY" UNIX the very same platform that Linux sits on

    Arrgh You Geeky {wink} (i've run out of winks :(......)

    Well I find that so Cool! Well I never!
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    I would have sworn you knew that

    I actually found out about this (UNIX) because i wanted to know why Macs don't get spyware and there is a very tiny amount of viruses that have been made for Macs, and UNIX is the explanation to it. Welcome Geekyland heheheheee
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    Excerpt from: Darwin Download | ixibo


    Darwin is the UNIX technology-based foundation of Mac OS X. Darwin integrates several technologies. Among the most important are 4.4BSD-based operating-system services (built on the Mach 3.0 microkernel), the I/O Kit, networking facilities, and support for multiple integrated file systems. Developers can use Darwin to port UNIX/Linux applications and create kernel extensions.

    In addition to being part of Mac OS X, Darwin is a standalone, BSD-based operating system. (BSD, short for Berkeley Software Distribution, is a family of UNIX variants descended from Berkeley’s version of UNIX.)

    Darwin is also occasionally used to refer to the Darwin Streaming Server, also known as the QuickTime Streaming Server (QTSS).

    LOL; I wonder if FCP will work on it, LOL fat chance I'll expect.....but hey its got me thinking!

    Huston we have a problem! lol
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    Isn't that just like saying Windows is based on DOS ?

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    I know I firmly get my tech knowledge from the PC Enviroment. I tend to stay clear on the Mac World.

    As I can't afford one; and software it up as I like....If I learn about them, then I'll Cry!!!!!

    This has seriously shocked me, as I went looking. I do recall a tech friend mentioning something like this. I thought he was winding me up, coz he knows how much I like Macs.

    He obviously wasn't winding up, but then again he's such a windup merchant....

    I have a Linux File server; within my PC setup.......... I have plenty of hard drives I think i'll put darwin on. Am just curious if FCP will work on it...think I'll save the time and google it.....


    Found my answer: FCP won't work on Darwin... as Darwin is X11 and the Mac OX is Aqua....and not open source.

    OOhhh just a thought..... {sad)

    Yes MB.........
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    Is there Linux NLE ?

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    MB; thought you would know better, your like Gaffer a bad influence.. As its Mac Talk

    Check this out:

    List of video editing software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This link is very interesting it took me to blender...ooohh amongst others

    Something to play with:Blender all platforms - Get Blender

    Yes MB Free NLE software for linux, don't know if these are any good.

    Cinelerra :: a video editor and compositor for Linux
    OpenShot Video Editor
    LiVES Video Editing System - Because the media should be open
    Kdenlive | Free and open source video editor for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD

    This one looks interesting
    Kdenlive | Free and open source video editor for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD
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    LOL; simple really; (soz this is in the Mac forum)

    So yes MB if you have a PC and install a flavor of Linux you can have free NLE

    Can't be bad, free OS and free NLE whether its any good or not is a different issue,

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    Trouble is you usually get what you pay for.

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    Yeah MB! some of the freebies can be quite good, checkout Blender...

    Plus if someone has a slight interest in video editing its a low entry level to test the waters.

    Talking about blender; am taking a look at it, become a Blender hehehe
    Seriously I can't believe this is Free, looks seriously good, just been googling some of the results, what people have done. Am Inspired!

    Whats gonna go on the green screens, lol Have a job on learning the editing software...

    Am gonna stick it on along with {whisper} Vegas...... Shhhh Mac people around!......

    Need loads of extra cash if I wanna be a Mac Bad Boy! Unix fancy that....Do I put the glasses on or off, and where do you get those checkie sweaters from?
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