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Thread: Mac's & viruses...

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    Default Mac's & viruses...

    I have yet to find a Mac user who has had a virus on there system. Due to how Apple handle this area.

    So the dreaded question....

    Are there any Mac users out there who have had a virus on their system?

    Also tell me about Mal-ware, but this is a different question..?

    How you don't mind me bobbing in this area..
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    Yes, there are viruses for Macs.

    The reason why there aren't so many, as I understand it, is that the Mac operating software isn't so widely available as windows and there aren't so many Mac users. So, if someone's going to write a virus, they're more likely to write it for windows.

    Most Mac users have anti-virus software for their internet connection.

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    I am aware that viruses are out for Mac's, and AV software.

    Just that I am unaware of any Mac user that I have come into contact with, has ever had a virus.
    That can only be a good thing, as far as I understand it this is the reason why.

    As PS's have C: - Drive the pathing for them is C: an windows directory/folder.

    So anybody can write harmful code; as they know how to path the code to the right location.

    Whereas Mac's work slighty differently, in the Mac OS there pathing works with intergated user detail, down into the the Kernel apparently.

    Therefore; anybody wanting to write harmful code for Mac's have to have the users Info for every Mac user. This is an impossible tasks and the reason why Mac's are not susceptible to viruses.

    This is how I understand it, from a so called Mac expert. I am also told (and please don't take this as red).

    That Anti-Virus programs for Macs are a waste of money because of this..... So as I have never known a Mac user having a virus, I have for the time been accpect this.

    Have you ever had a virus Gaffer?

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    My Mac isn't connected to the internet, it's used purely for editing and graphics.

    For the Idiotweb I have a steam-driven windows computer with norton anti-virus. So I'm not much help to you there.

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    AAhhh; Your so cool! thats how it should be; proper security. Then again tape up all its inputs lol

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    ...and a condom over the mouse.

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    Since I bought my Macbook I've never had a problem with spyware or virus. I don't have an antivirus installed.

    I might be wrong, but as far as I've heard/read, what happens is that since Mac OS is Unix based, to write a virus is way more complicated than writing a virus windows. So those who know how to write programs for Mac OS because they have studied for that usually won't waste their times writing virus. Another thing to look at is, that there are a lot of websites that teaches users how to write virus, trojans, etc... so any teenager hacker wanna be can grab the code, modify it based on the instructions and all the crap they read online and create a different version of the original virus code. That's why there are so many of virus for windows, besides the fact that windows is the most common OS in the world.
    I'm sure that virus for Macs are caught via email like it used to be before with windows, since now a days windows can get them by just being connected to the internet.
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    Also OSX ask you a password authorizing to install any new piece of software. This may complicate the process of getting infected through a program (except that hackers detect a security flaw in the OS design that allows them to bypass this step).

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    I know someone who had a virus on her mac.

    The viruses there are out there for Macs are extremely malicious and hard to remove, but the chances are slim.

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