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Thread: Turning imagination into a visual concept (help with premiere 7.0 and AFCS3)

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    Default Turning imagination into a visual concept (help with premiere 7.0 and AFCS3)

    I have an idea floating around in my head, but I've just started editing videos and such with high end software, so I need some help, tutorials, or anything really that you guys can offer so that I may turn something in my imagination into a visual work!

    Here is the concept:

    The scene is shot from above at a 45 degree angle down. A lot of empty/open space above my head (so, that means that it will be shot from the waist up). I will be smoking a cigarette, and as I inhale the smoke from it, a thought balloon pops out of my brain. Inside the thought ballon, slow-mo footage of 'pro' level trickers gets played: Sesshoumaru, Anis, ChrisD, DannyG etc. Just small clips of them doing high level techniques.

    [for examples of what I'm talking about, check this vid as reference to sort of the footage I'm thinking about having in my thought balloon:

    I shake my head, and *POOF* the thought balloon disappears as if I was 'shaking off the thought'

    I take another drag of the cigarette, and swirls of colors, and another thought balloon pop out of my brain. Inside the second thought balloon, videos of myself will be playing. This transitions through a zoom into what turns to be my sampler.

    I will be working with Premiere Pro (7.0) and After Effects CS3. Please guys, if you have any tips, or tutorials to help me make this vision come true, I'll be forever thankful!

    best regards,

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    I'll have some of what your smoking.

    I can't help as I've never used premier or After effects but the idea sounds like a lot of work to make it look good. Hope you get some help with this as I'd like to see the result.

    There are a lot of After Effects tutorials HERE if this helps.

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    Thanks, man!

    I'm looking at the tutorials, as I type this, and also made a forum account there as well to see if I can get any help from them

    Haha, I really hope that my imagination can truly come to life with this project! I will be posting the finished product once it's done, so keep your eyes peeled for it :3

    Best regards,

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    yep, the Videocopilot basic tutorials will cover most of what you are trying to achieve, and probably give you a few more to add in!
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