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    Hi Folks,

    Long time no post - sorry I've been away so long, but I've been so busy with so many projects it's been mad.

    I've popped back to get your opinions on my latest work which is a pop video for electronic band HOLICE.

    [ame=]YouTube - Tokyo Boy - HOLICE[/ame]

    Don't expect a narative or any sort of story, it's a straight vibrant and fun pop video and I hope you enjoy it.

    Hope you're all well too, good to be back

    Chris x

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    Well I can't say I didn't like it.

    The vid kinda matched the band, it had its moments and then didn't.

    Not been pervvy; I think it would have been better with just her. The others looked so moody as if they weren't getting there own way.

    Did I see bed linen? Oh student days! lol

    Were you restricted for space ? I though I saw a warehouse....Set could have been a little wider.
    But then it could be fun; playing with restricted space.

    Had another look suspended ceilings, some kinda warehouse...... MMMM

    I would have used a chromakey background, on a budget I would have dyed the sheets in the washing machine and plastered them everywhere. But thats me....

    On a whole good amateur music Vid.... Cool
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    I wish I was young enough to carry off having blue hair.

    Fun Vid.

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    So are you carrying off Grey Hair MB

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    Well my wife calls it salt and pepper.

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    Thanks for the messages folks.

    La Roux meets the Pet Shop Boys - HOLICE are, simply put, an indie band who are pushing and promoting themselves hard via radio, tv and the media. Expect to see this vid on Sky soon. I'll let you know when. The previous video is already on Propeller SKY 195 on their Friday night dance show Dance TUUNE.

    BLUE HAIR: it's a wig actually, Sarah is blonde. If you fancy the blue hair thing just get one off eBay lol

    C x

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    LOL; Liked this much better.....Cool Music Vid!

    Less of the unhappy Apes lolol cool...

    Maybe something like Alperbeat; 1000 or something, where the apes are larking around with a banana or two. They just can't do MOODY! it looks so wrong...

    If I wasn't in a relationship and an old fart; I would be asking for her telephone number. OOOOh dam data protection.....Suppose its working lol

    Cool look forward to seeing more

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    hi chris, like the concept and colour work. your singer looks great... very camera friendly.

    the guys on synth and guitar dont work for me or least wise not in such an enclosed space. guessing this was shot in someones living room/ spare room ?

    edit; guy on guitar reminds me of mark e smith ..... somehow cant imagine him in this environment

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    Hi folks, thanks again for the comments and glad you generally like it.

    It was an enclosed space we didn't have a lot of room. We were let down last minute on the unit we should have been using so this was the next best thing. We wanted a Strawberry Switchblade "Since Yesterday" feel but I think we've got a much better product now

    The next video we're doing we're opening it up to the Facebook fans to get a pre master of the song and film themselves dancing and singing along to the song. Then they upload the footage to YouTube and we will compile the video from these vids.

    HOLICE | Facebook

    Should be interesting to see what we get.

    C x

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    I don't generally watch many musiv videos, but I happened to like both of these with the second being the winner overall. I really enjoyed the bit when she is singing into the mirror.


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