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Thread: dont know wich program to use

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    Default dont know wich program to use

    hello ,

    i am daniele , im searching for a program , to

    i hoop i write this good .

    to get more video s in one clip . like
    if you have 2 or 3 people singing , but are 3 difrend video s , but to
    get them in one shot .
    i dont know , if there is one ??
    please .


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    Please explain if its a hobby?

    Also how much you wanna spend on software?

    Please don't say as little as possible...

    And what type of computer do you have; spec if possible?
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    Default hey

    oo , euh yes that s a hobby only .

    yes acer , windows xp i think .
    i am from netherlands . so mabey you cant help me ,
    i know .

    not wanting too much to pay .
    24 euro s , sort of
    that s way too short , for a program . i think

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    Try Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 it a bit more than 24 euros but probably one of the cheapest that will do what you need.

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    i try it . thanks !!

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