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Thread: Special effects/tiff files

  1. Default Special effects/tiff files

    Two things in one post here really. I bought a disc from e-bay with a load of special effects on it, for 20 it seemed like a good bit of fun and I think it will be.
    However the files on it are in a couple of different formats one of which is tif and Vegas doesn't seem to open them. (This puzzled me as when I searched the forum for an answer I found that tif is supposed to be a supported file format).

    So, 1. Can anybody point out what I should be doing to open the files(tif).

    and, 2. I reckon this will be a heap of fun to use, has anyone else used this kind of thing?

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    A tif is just a picture file like jpg or bmp or gif etc. I know they have there subtle differences but it should be fine. Have you tried opening one of the files in a standard graphics program.

    Are they animations ? Try changing the extension to gif Vegas might like that.

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    Vegas should be fine with tif s on the timeline with video.

    I just dropped a png and a tif into vegas and it was fine. Odd.

    Tifs are better than jpegs and work much better for stuff like chromakeying.

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    These .tif files are in sets of 100. The idea being that after clicking "import media" in Vegas it can open a folder containing 100 of these .tif files. The instructions direct you to click on the first of the files, which should then make available the check box in the bottom of the window saying "Open still image sequence". (With the others it works fine, but with the .tifs it remains greyed out).

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    What about just dragging them to the time line from explorer.

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    Free Photo Editor:

    GIMP - Downloads

    If you need to convert to a more friendly file format....If your still having problems.

    Bit clunky but works, am used to photoshop.....!

    I also seem to remember Tiff having different formats in saving; that could be an issue.
    I could be wrong, thats just off the top of my head.

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    Thanks for the response guys, much appreciated.
    I tried dragging to the timeline from explorer but these (.tif) files don't show up in the project media box (but other formats do; there was a couple of types on the disc).
    Just to make sure I'm doing what you suggest correctly:- I clicked the 'Explorer' tab in Vegas, navigated to the folder containing all the effects I'd bought, navigated to the sub folder for the effect I wanted to use (.tif file), clicked on it and nothing hppens. (When I click on one of the other formats all the files appear in the project media window).

    It did occur to me that changing the file format may be an option but I've no idea how to do that especially as we are talking about doing it in batches of 100 files at a time.

    I'm not giving up on this product (yet) as I still think there is a bit of fun to be had with it. Cheers.

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    If your using Gimp for this; it doesn't have batch processing.

    You'll be much better off downloading Photoshop trail, or finding a util that does this

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    Did you drag the files to the time line or just click them ? I think you can also right click the file and select Add to media. But if that wont work and I really don't know why as I can work with .tif files just like jpgs.

    I don't know if there is some sort of a setting in the preferences which says don't use .tif files there seems to be a tick box for just about everything in there.

    (for those who didn't realise, that was a joke)

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    Well I'm beginning to wonder if it really was 20 well spent.......

    The files that are in .tga format have been no problem and work as expected. The .tif files, if I single or double click on them in the 'Explorer' tab of Vegas nothing happens exept the folder name is highlighted. If I right click I'm given the option to "Explore current folder" but when I drag a file to the timeline a window pops up saying "None of the files dropped on Vegas could be opened".

    I did check the preferences (joke or no joke) and I have e-mailed the seller.

    Thanks for the help so far folks!

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