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Thread: So.... Want me to go ????

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    Default So.... Want me to go ????

    Just got this....

    I just got this from a mod.

    " Mark

    Your attitude since re-registering is giving the forum a bad reputation. Specifically, I object to the way you've treated members, and your posts are doing little more than cause offence.

    I tried to be diplomatic in public in the forums, but you have chosen to ignore this subtle attempt. If you continue in the way you have chosen to behave, you will leave me no option other than to ban you.

    xxxx "

    I speak my mind - I hardly ever troll - even then it is fun and I usually put a smilie.
    I post here cos i like to help people.

    I am sorry if some users appear to dislike me.

    I dont think this objection about me is fair.

    Shall I go? No skin off my nose either way - I just do this when i am editing along with face book / you tube / digg / x tube and so on. I am terse cos I am busy - and when i think i go to far I often say sorry.

    Do tell...

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    And the parental tome irritates me intensely.

    ' choose to behave ' - that is a classic. This is just who I am.

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    Open reply to Vertovian

    Okay, time to be blunt. I've known you long enough to do this.

    I don't know why you're here. Your signature says that you do this for your ego... that much is obvious. Being rude, aggressive, provocative and arrogant doesn't benefit the site or other members. If someone doesn't agree with you, you insult them. When someone points out you're wrong, you insult them. If they have different ideas to you, they often get insulted.

    I don't know if you're trying to cultivate some sort of "dangerous" image but it isn't what this videomaking forum is about.

    I've known you a few years now Mark and, at first I put down your act to a mid-life crisis (let's face it neither of us are going to see forty again) but recently it has become obsessional. Calling posters "morons" and "mooks" is not the way to express your opinion, and it is only an opinion, frequently wrong.

    When you left last time there was a bit of a collective sigh of relief. It may be that this forum is a bit huggy-cuddly but, if you don't like it, go somewhere else, don't try to change us. We like it here. It isn't an aggressive forum and your provocative posts have taken a large part of my enjoyment away. I'm sure that I'm not the only one.

    I tried to convey this politely in a PM but it seems that bluntness is the only way to communicate. If you want me to censor this reply I will do it, as a mate, or maybe an ex-mate now that you know what I think, but Marc is right, you're causing a lot of people to leave this forum.

    I really didn't want to hurt you but your comments have hurt a lot of others.

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    Lols - you are wrong on nearly everything that isnt opinion.

    I left lest time cos of idiots here and may do so again if I am not banned.

    Nearly everything you say is totally wrong - your judgments are wrong I mean.

    I see no profit in telling you what a twat you often are and what I think of you.

    If the community does not value my input I will leave. I will not leave cos you are mistaken and a mook

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    I read your last post again.
    I too misjudged you clearly.

    As for relief at me leaving - I was asked to come back - clearly you were not polled.
    Last edited by vertovian; 02-09-2010 at 07:44 PM.

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    Yeah, whatever.

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    So do you want me to go - or whatever ?
    I just want you and marc to leave me alone so i can help out and occasionally even piss of people when i say what my opinion is - and apologise now and again - I am not posturing. I resent your accusations.
    Last edited by vertovian; 02-09-2010 at 08:14 PM.

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    V: do you have to confirm what gaffer is saying to be right?

    Coz; its clear that you can really benefit this forum in a positive way even with your views.

    You have proved that with your informative posts, this is a family forum and text should be written that way.

    I happen to like you and what your about; your input could be less controversial and more influential.

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    I will try to avoid vulgarity - my bad - I just am - and not to post swear words - as for the rest - I am controversial i guess.

    Film is my passion and I speak passionately.
    I make no apology for that.

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    As administrator of the site, I've always try to take a soft approach. I appreciate that a heavy hand can alienate, and as such the forums are generally run in a relaxed environment. That has to be counter-balanced by ensuring we maintain a community. And in any community, tensions can be encountered through abusive comments. I will not tolerate abusive behaviour, and Mark was warned about his comments.

    VideoForums welcomes people from diverse backgrounds and experience. The remit of the forums is to provide help and advice and share knowledge. The fundamental ethos of the forum has always been to grow a community of likeminded individuals that share a passion for video.

    Mark, you have alienated members since re-joining. I asked you to come back in the spirit of our community. When you left, you accused me of bullying, despite those accusations levelled at you. You are, of course, free to comment on all of this. But I would hope that you understand why I sent you the PM. If you don't understand, then I don't think this community is for you.

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