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    Default Sleddog Video

    I have a link below for another video that I did a few years ago. It is a short series of clips and effects of our sleddog teams.

    Alot of the footage I take from the back of a snowmobile is always jerky and even with the optical image stablization of the GL1 it still is difficult to get steady footage of the sleddog team while shootong on the sled or on the snowmbile.

    Has anyone used the 2d3 steadymove software? Does it do a decent job of removing camera shake?

    For $99 if it works I would be tempted to purchase it.


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    2d3 steadymove is actually rather good. I've used it a few times on some rather shaky shots to get an almost steadicam like effect (well, kinda!).

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    Default Sled dogs

    Loved the huskies - every second of it. This kind of imagery is right up my street.

    You edit quite a lot in After Effects, then. It's definitely the program for this stuff. Must be a great life up there.

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    that was a cool video...

    except the last title where it says siberian huskies took to long to come to the front of the screen...

    but you had some cool footage, and i dont know anything about that program so i cant help you... sorry...


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