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Thread: Internet Sound/Video Converter

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    Default Internet Sound/Video Converter

    Hi Everyone

    I have some audio/video clips downloaded from the internet and wanted to convert it to one of well know file extensions such as mp3, mp4, rm, etc. which software should I use converting it?

    All feedbacks are well apprecited in advance....

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    How long will it be before a first time poster recommends something, I wonder.....

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    Hey Tim, your on 3,333 posts. I like things like that. I just noticed it was your birthday last weekend. So happy belated birthday. One more year to go and you will be officially old.

  4. Default Video converter

    Try this Extensions for Windows - The Unofficial Windows Upgrade if it doesn't suit your needs try searching free video converter in google.
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    Audio Hijack

    records source and converts to .mp3

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    Default IVR Converter

    To make things bit clear, the file extension I am trying to convert to mp3 ie, is .ivr.....

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