Hi Everyone,

I recently bought an LG external Blu-Ray burner and Toast 10 Pro to make a Blu-Ray of a documentary I shot last year in HD off my Mac.

I watched some videos on the net that said to export all content from FCP to QuickTime HD files and do the simple drag and drop with Toast 10...

The documentary is broken up into x7 parts altogether :
PT1 - 711 MB
PT2 - 18 GB
PT3 - 22 GB
PT4 - 18 GB
PT5 - 16 GB
PT6 - 13 GB
PT7 - 29 MB
*(All files compressed H.264, frame rate 25, Best quality, 1920 x 1080 HD .mov files)

Burning to a 25 GB disc...... All the files won't drag and drop into Toast, obviously because they're more than 25 GB...

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong, or do I have to re-export the files with different settings?!?