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    This is my first post on here. I'm relatively new to this field. Have racked up a fair few hours of shooting but don't really know enough about what cameras are available. There seem to be too much choice! I'm considering buying a used camcorder in I guess what you'd call the "prosumer" range, but don't know what to go for.

    I have quite a lot of experience with the Panasonic DVX100B (which I like) and some experience with the JVC GY-HD110E (which I don't).

    I don't have a huge budget. The Sony HVR A1E appeals to me (although HD isn't necessarily a must for me). Whatever I buy would be used often in clubs, gigs, or at music festivals, which is why the small size of the A1E appeals to me. Obviously it would also need to perform well in low light. I'd also like to be able to use wide angle and fisheye lens converters.

    Obviously I'd like to try before I buy. Does anyone have any tips as to where I could do this around the Oxford/London area?

    Or any other camera suggestions and where I could try one of those?

    Thanks in advance!


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    If I was rich i would get an A1E as a great small camera- not bothered about the HDV bit - but it does look very useable in its more price pro form.

    If you dont mind proper sized cameras there are bargains in the pro dv arena - and if I need to do a job ( rare) and someone asks I just lie. ;-0

    18 mnths ago I got a jcv dv5001e for 1500 with extras - 100 drum hours - I love it. Manual everything and a real lens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by methodproduction View Post
    Obviously I'd like to try before I buy. Does anyone have any tips as to where I could do this around the Oxford/London area?
    Although not in your area, Creative Video > Trusted Professional & Broadcast Audio & Video Solutions > CVP are a specialist who will give you hands on demonstrations. If you have the time to get up there, I would recommend you take a visit.

    You should also consider visiting Broadcast Video Expo: 16-18 February 2010, Earls Court 2, London next week, where there will be a number of specialists giving hands on demos.

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