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Thread: Christmas Dinner - found some clips, so edited together

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    I was recently going through my hard drive, and found 7 clips. they were all quite long, and i felt i had just enough footage to edit a vid. i finally realize, that the final video after editing is only good as the original shots taken. and planing would have made everything easier.

    Vid was taken during Christmas time, friends came over, we made some dinner. Footage was very limited, I'm definitely aware I could've got more interesting shots, for example closeups would've been nice. And more of the food also.

    Here's the vid.

    [ame=]YouTube - Christmas Dinner[/ame]

    I guess I will critique my own work first. Please let me know if you agree, or think different.

    First of all, my camera is manual focus only, and I need to improve on it. Second, as stated above, I feel I should've got more closeups and food shots. I also think I included one too many transition flares.

    Purpose of the vid - just to document us there, at that time, having a good time I suppose. I chose to do fast cuts, and catchy music. I purposely did jump cuts, I think too many though.

    0-3sec: too short, need to make first shot longer

    4-18sec: I liked the strobe effect

    18-21sec: bad transition flare, and this shot should be ditched

    21-29sec: i like the camera movement, and the jump cut here

    29-31sec: unnessesary jump cut

    31-42sec: i don't like this shot. its slow, and doesn't keep up with music

    42-47sec: shaky footage (actually a general problem in most of vid)

    48-52sec: not really feeling this part of the shot

    52-1:06sec: this is my favorite part of the vid, i even like the transition.

    1:06-1:11sec: strobe effect again, which i like i suppose

    1:11 - END: what you see is my best attempt to give the video an ending.

    Looking back, I know there is a better music choice out there. But still wanted to keep it fast and edgy as possible. Jump cuts too many, and some of the flare transitions should go. I think a few shots should be ditched. Next time, should get more face shots, and shots of food being cooked. Maybe should've even kept shooting while we were eating. I think I didn't take enough footage, I suppose I should've shot A LOT more.

    Anyways, would really like to know what you think. Whatever I learn from this, I'll try not to make the same mistake again for the next video.

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    Apart from a gross missus of a sharp knife, I think you said it all. What caused the "strobe effect" ? I didn't like it.

    One bit of advice about the editing if you as the editor knows that a cut is not right then don't put it in the movie. Example the jump cut at 30 secs. You would have been better cutting to something else and coming back to this shot if you want it in.

    It sometimes takes a lot of discipline in the editing chair.

    Hope that helps.

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    I was reading something recently on how news journalist cameramen (who have to jump into an event already taking place and capture decent, editable video) think. One guy said he makes a mnemonic: "wide, medium, tight, action, reaction, sequences, b-roll, nat sound." He just repeats that over and over again in his mind while shooting. That sort of thinking can really help, IMO, when shooting "guerrilla" like this and editing it later.

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