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    I'm sure this is another obvious routine, b I can't figure it out.

    I had a video clip n the timeline that I wanted to replace the audio on. So I un-grouped, deleted the audio track and now have added the 're-worked' audio track - how do I re-group that audio track with the video? When I select both video and audio track, right click and select Group, everything is greyed out.

    Surely it can be grouped to make moving it around easier, and in the same way can I also group several video clips together so they can be shunted along the time line if needed?

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    Yes it can, you was nearly there. when you have all the clips you want to group just right click and select group and create new.

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    I just select the events I want to group and press "G"

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    I knew I should have printed off the Keyboard short cuts - thanks guys

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    I have keyboardshortcuticiphobia - I hate them - odd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vertovian View Post
    I have keyboardshortcuticiphobia - I hate them - odd.
    Dare I correct you? I think what you actually 'have' is: selectfromoneof manydropdownmenussandsearchforthenselectcorrectfun ctionicitus which I also have a tendency to suffer from but unlike your goodself, I do not have an actual 'phobia' of the keyboardshorticus - a subtle difference, but worth pointing out to avoid confusion

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    Ok thats funny

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    Lols - you are so right- just blatant anti keyboard prejudice i guess.

    As for grouping, this is a very powerful thing and good to get to grips with.

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