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Thread: My Sony Vegas 9.0b Platnum Edition Won't Read My Raw .mp4 Footage

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    Default My Sony Vegas 9.0b Platnum Edition Won't Read My Raw .mp4 Footage


    Just a couple quick things first before I talk about my issue. Firstly I'm sorry if this problem has already been sloved in the past. There are a 104 pages in this section that I would have had to go though so just please link me to the other topic if there is one then close this one. Secondly I had another account here that I tried to recover my password to but I never got sent a recovery email so staff please just close my The Raz Man account.

    OK so my tile is my issue. I've been having it for about 3-4 weeks now. At first I just thought it was because my trial version was about to expire and it was having issues which was fine since I love the program and was going to buy it anyway. However since getting my Pro Pack from it has continued. I just checked to make sure my Quicktime player software is updated and it is. Can anyone please help me get Vegas to read.mp4 again. When I first had the tiral version it read.mp4 fine but now it has just stopped. My raw footage from my Flip Ultra HD camcorder shoots in .mp4 so if I have to convert my files each time it's going to start eating up my time and become very annoying. Below is a prict Screen of the error message I keep seeing. Thank you in advance for your help.

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    The only reason it would stop doing something that it was previously doing is due to the changes you made so if you can undo these it should work. OR you could try down load an MPG4 codec again and see if that works.

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    I don't know the exact date the problem started so I don't know how far back to take Vista. So I will reinstall the codec & see if that works.

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    Reinstalling the codec didn't fix the problem does anyone have any other suggestions?

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