OK .. not sure if this is h/w or s/w so will post here.

Capturing a load of PAL SVHS tapes to DV AVI for edit with Sony Vegas.

Using the following set up ..
P'sonic HS800 <svideo> AVT 8710 <svideo> ADVC300 <IEE1394> PC

I initially bought the ADVC300, then after reading many posts that say that this is NOT a full frame TBC, added the AVT 8710.

Now I'm hitting trouble.

Seen some very strange results – eg a VHS tape has an opening sequence of black, then some title text, after about 10 sec , a then second title screen, followed 10sec later by gradual fade in of video.
If I play the tape .. this works fine.

When I digitized it without TBC all digitized OK, however when I digitized with the 8710 in the path, the resulting capture has the first title screens OK, but when the second screen comes in the first stays .. so ends up with a text overlay mix.
If I look at frames individually they are correct, but when I play the DV file it’s screwed ….. weird ?
The rest of the video seems to have captured OK …
Thinking it something stupid … I cleaned video heads, and ran capture again … same thing?

Noticed that I getting some frame loss when I use the 8710 compared to when it is not in circuit.

Is there something I need to do here …………….. could there be interaction between 8710 & ADVC300 ? or is it something else?

Do I need to turn anything off on ADVC300 ?