Hi All,

I realize that such thread for sure was already discussed on this forum. But I've done a lot of googling (on this forum too) and wasn't able to find the answer for my question. The question is - video encoding tool.

So, could someone advice me with the tool, which meets the criterias below:
- batch processing
- consistent set of profiles (presets): I don't want to play with dozens of codec settings. I want just to select profile, set the quality level and launch encoding. Especially I need a profile for android devices (.mp4) and some profiles for home video encoding (.avi)
- basic video and audio transformations: resize, crop and volume level gain
- audio streams control.

While a single piece of software which meets all criterias would be great, it also be good to find several tools: one for android and one for home video (batch processing and video transformations might not be needed here).