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Thread: To use a video library or not????? and if so which..???

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    Default To use a video library or not????? and if so which..???


    I am pretty new to this. I am wanting to put together a small promo video on the web. The initial idea is to keep it simple, but of a high quality with music and key messages. Actually one of my ideas is to use images linked to form a movie.

    However one thought that is being considered is to use stock video material. However much of this is really expensive ie $80/15-30 secs. Do you have thoughts on this? Can you recommend a cheaper one? Clips should be downloadable.

    Having looked around, I sort of think that it would be easier to just shoot what I need, but the quality would have to be there....

    All views gratefully received,



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    Libraries are great to put something together without much effort or expertise.

    So go for it; unless you want a challenge and do it all yourself.....

    Its down to your budget, how much you need a great promo and time constraints you have.

    Its quick and hassle free so to speak.

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    If you want stock video and it IS NOT a commercail product then why not copy stuff from the web.

    I use other peoples you tube vids for mine - I make documentary type stuff and use it discursively.

    Also the best place for older type FREE and RIGHTS FREE stuff is Internet Archive: Free Downloads: Prelinger Archives

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    You can find stock footage quite cheaply, it all depends on what you want to use it for. I would suggest getting in touch with the libraries personally and asking how much they want for you to use the clip in a specific way. Stuff for seminars or talks can be obtained for very little, if it's going to be shown to a lot of people, like a commercial, or available to anyone, you'll have to pay a lot more.

    Don't forget that you'll have to get clearance for the music too.

    Quote Originally Posted by vertovian View Post
    If you want stock video and it IS NOT a commercail product then why not copy stuff from the web.

    Because it's illegal and you could end up paying a hefty fine. It doesn't matter if it's commercial or not.
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    Hi Thanks for the quick response.

    The promo will be for online usage and for commercial purposes ie promoting a company. With regard to audio I thinking of using something like jamendo which implements creative commons which seems good to me. Is there an equivalent (Ie Creative Commons) for Video?

    Thanks again,


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    In this first project I am hoping to focus on the editing side of things hence the need to acquire quality content as easily and cheaply as possible.


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