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Thread: Music video, rock/pop HVX200, Letus

  1. Default Music video, rock/pop HVX200, Letus


    Im working on a new music video and heres the progress so far.
    The story iss missing since its not finnished. But soon =)

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    music aint my cuppa cha but me liking the video

    look forward to seeing thge end product.

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    Good start, You've got a good live feel with some good looking shots. Normally I would be asking for close up but this time I'm wondering where the long shots are. lol

    Looking forward to seeing it finished.

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    Excellent beginning, really draws one in.
    Good composition, lighting, colour - good shots all round.

    Unusually I find myself wondering if it's not just too busy. The movement in the camera combined with the fast cutting is maybe too much? Maybe don't cut so tight when you're using wobbly camera? No? Just my opinion.

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    That music vid is sick! Great job. Can't wait to see when its done.

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    Nice comments, ill keep them all in mind as Im getting it finnished.


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    I really liked it.

    Nice lighting, good compositions, nice exposure, well paced and fits the music perfectly.

    Were there focus issues with the lead singer, it's hard to tell on youtube? If so, it might be worth re-shooting those as he's the most important "star" and if he's not sharp, it detracts from the rest.

    Not my kinda music but nice visuals.

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    I know the worst thing about the HVX200 is trying to focus with it. Why Oh why would you put an SD screen on an HD camera, BUT then go to the bother of putting in it focus assist. It's the only thing about this camera I don't like. Oh yes, it's not the best at coping in dark conditions but what camera is. Well I love it faults and all.

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    I agree! =)
    ANd thats not all.. I used a Letus adapter aswell and that makes it even harder focusing, or perhaps its my fault since there is the "focus assist" button wich works quite allright if you remember pressing it.

    I will for sure get some kind of monitor system in the future.

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    It also doesn't help when the lead singer keeps going back wards and forward. May be increase the F number (close the iris) for this problem. Spinevans you may already know this but others reading this thread may not.

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