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Thread: Which software? (buying advice required)

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    Hi All
    First post....

    I have a barely used Sony DVD109E and am planning to get a Sony Bloggie for sport use and instant use. I also have an interest to change my DVD109E for a newer model / make that records straight to memory card.

    What software options do i have that will cover all the above cameras?

    Edit: i should add that when editted i would want to burn to DVD so that it will play on domestic DVD players.

    My need is just for domestic but i would still like to have a reasonable number of options and effects.
    My background to this is a media course i took at college around 15 years ago where i was best in grade for editing. I produced and edited movie trailers, music videos, adverts, teasers but all on a video suite (not PC) and using videos and huge cameras. I am therefor not up to date with formats and software.

    Thanks in advance for your help and advice
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