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Thread: The JPO Show?

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    Default The JPO Show?

    What do you think?

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    I think it is the home page for your hosting at neptune.

    Just a guess though
    COMPAQ something or other with 500Gb Boot Disk, 1Tb external Firewire Disk, 4Gb Memory and a super duper sound card, 19" TFT Monitor etc etc etc
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    It's more or less exactly the same as all the other stuff you've posted. And it doesn't get any better each time you post.

    I'm tempted to offer my opinions, but I don't think you'd listen.

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    Its not my show, i make Talking With Jon, (I have appeared in The JPO Show, and i did put them on the web), but i dont edit the JPO show, or write and of the material.

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