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    The Mac section of this board doesn't seem to be very active but I have a question about video settings in FCP. I just got FCP 7 and Snow Leopard...anyway,

    I recently received a lot of footage (on a hard drive already digitized) from a shoot in France. I know it was shot in 1440 X 1080 HDV. Anyway, when I did the quick setup for HDV everything was working great. I have about 10 sequences and they are all registering as 1440 x 1080 in the Frame Size and 1080i60 in the Compressor.

    Ok. For some unknown reason one of the sequences when I exported it using QT conversion was appearing with black bars on the top and bottom. I checked it out and that sequence was for some reason a different size then the rest of the sequences. I changed it using settings to be the same size as the rest of the sequences and now when I export it to QT (HDV 1440 x 1080) it appears pixelated. How is this possible?

    The only reason I can think that size changed is that I inserted a motion intro that was a different size just to check it out.

    Anyway, I am tad confused. If you need more info then I can provide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jschneier View Post
    The Mac section of this board doesn't seem to be very active ...
    Yeah, some people don't know that it's here, others just glance at the front page and post in the first section they think of.

    Have you tried exporting it as a quicktime move (without conversion)? Are you using one of the presets in the drop-down "Use:" list? Otherwise check the "size" in the Options sub-menu and try unchecking "prepare for internet streaming". In the Settings sub-menu, I assume that you've gone though and checked that you've got the compressor towards the right of the scale?

    These aren't questions just for fun, rather suggestions where the fault may lie, namely the common errors I usually make!

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    If the first element inserted was the intro, automatically the sequence took the size and compressor settings presents in that piece and then when you inserted the other sequence it was rendered to those settings (that appear to be a smaller size).

    To check if this happened go to the edited sequence and check the settings... if they are no at 1440x1080 that may be the problem. To test it create a new sequence, insert the 1440x1080 clip. Then insert before it your intro.

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