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    Hello everyone,

    I am trying to make more creative videos for my unicycling team. I went to my local skatepark, filmed some of the guys riding for a bit of practice and put this little edit together.

    Im really trying to get the best out of my HD camera, its a Samsung HMX20C. Im starting to use some of the manual settings on it now, rather than having it on fully auto all the time. I hope its starting to show.

    I rendered it in 16:9 and when I uploaded it to vimeo, it seems to be 4:3 again I even went to the FAQ and read up about it, and they reccomend using square pixels, which I have done.


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    Hey that was really quite good. I loved the thought you put into the camera angles/shots. This makes it much more interesting. I liked the shot at 46 secs even though you can see the edge of the added lens. It was a nice contrast from the close ups.

    It looks 16:9 to me.

    Keep up this quality of filming and add some spectacular stunts and you'll have a real winner.

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    Thanks MB. I've been reading up on different techniques and watching lots of different videos. I always forget to zoom in a little to get rid of the vignetting.
    I think the thing Im going to focus on for my next video is learning to pan smoother. My tripod didn't go low enough for some of the angles I wanted, so I had to tilt it up on two legs. Resulting in the shakey panning

    Im also thinking of making up a basic dolly for tracking shots, although I think the skateboard worked ok.


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    When I need a really low shot I put my camera on a bean bag. Mine was home made but you can buy purpose made ones called pods. One of our forum members has one. Before buying a Dolly system perhaps a steadycam/glidecam may be better for you.

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    I hate skate bmx videos.
    That was bloody ace.

    Funny - that did all the things that they fail to do htat seem obvious to do that i would probably do - if you get me.

    More more.

    Now going to see what camera is as you used it very creatively.

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    I saw you want a dolly - put camera on a small bean bag - mine is a head rest cushion found in tesco. You need a convenient smooth surface - put cam on bean bag thingy on suitable slidy thingy - I use a bit of old sheet but have improvised with bar towels. Pull .

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    Read all now - repeating I see. Must be good advice then I suppose...

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    enjoying the DOF stuff

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