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    i know how to take a pic from the timeline but they arent high res.
    is there a way to change this?

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    If you want high res photos invest in a decent camera and take your own. You did? Well there's a thing . . . In which case just import from your own database. I do it ALL the time.

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    Are you using Ed Troxel's free 'snapshot' script? It'll save as an uncompressed .png The quality of the snapshot is always going to be dependant on what quality footage you've got on the timeline. HDV is far better than SD for this.
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    The quality of the picture will only ever be as good as the final rendering settings.

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    you can make em high res but they wont look any different.
    Compared to a stills camera all video cameras are rubbish for stills. Ok for in video use or web but thats it.

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    NOTE - vegas captures at the pixel dimensions of the preview screen - any jpeg compression is likely to be irrelevant as the original is so poor ( as video stream ).

    RTFM to find the capture icon ;-0

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    I 'spose someone should have asked what you're using them for? If it's for use in your Vegas project, they'll look fine. If you're intending to print from them, not so hot. Stills (.png) taken from HDV can look acceptable - just, as long as not printed too large. Stills taken from SD are the naffest of the naff for printing. A reply would be nice eh?

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