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Thread: My first test with the HVX200

  1. Default My first test with the HVX200

    I shoot BMX, and its been a while since i've posted on here.

    Would love some feedback from this video I shot. I was testing out my new hvx200a and glidecam.


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    It's a nice video of it's genre. I can't say I'm a fan of BMX or Skate Boards etc. But I can appreciate the Bikers skill. AND the camera work looked good with the Glidecam. AND I must congratulate you on a great choice of camera, the HVX200 is mint. I see you have learned to use it for time laps.

    I think the spin at 1:20 would have looked good in slow-mo.

    One trick I would do with this kind of video is film eg the trick at 1:20

    1. Film him as you did.
    2. Get him to do the same trick but film from another angle, ie underneath.
    3. Then get him to do it again and film from the front.

    This will give you some great freedom in the editing stage to make your videos look more Pro.
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    Again today - I hate this sort of video - that was excelent i tht.

    All I would add was some colour work - that appears to be out of camera, and as ever - looks - well - like it always does.

    Great camera work and moves. Brave to cycle with that new camera. I think you may have used the light a bit more creatively?? Maybe?? Bullshit warning???

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    Doh - I just noticed - glidecam - that explains the nice moves - showing off - and also not that smooth yet But still great.

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    I really enjoyed this film and the camera produces a great picture. You use it very well indeed. The guy on the bike is very talented. I liked the music choice and it somehow made me feel very connected with the talent, almost as if I was stood in the park with them. A nice build of action, the move around the corner was perhaps a little bit cheesy but I think you actually need to get a few more different shots in there fro true perfection. Some closeups would really help, of his concentration perhaps.

    Good to watch though, well done.

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    Default video shot with panasonic hvc200


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