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    Enc did a brilliant job, I especially liked the seahorses

    Anyway after a little spending spree during the week I came up with this.

    Bear in mind this is only my second attempt at creating video, the first was done with stills from the web and WMM. This was done with a Zi8 and Sony Vegas Movie Studio Pro 9.

    I'm playing with Sony Vegas Movie Studio Pro 9 so the effects are probably old hat around here, I do like the pencil thingy though

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    Playing with fx is what all new editors do - this is a good way to learn how to best exploit fx for sure but it ISNT editing.

    If you want to get as good at this as you can also remember the importance of more subtle things - pace / rhythm / ' feel ' / tempo / of the video and shots - I think that that is where a good edit starts.

    I leave all fx stuff until the end. But also everyone has a different way of working - find your own.

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    Also - video noise does not compress well and often looks weird on you tube - it seems to screw up the compression sometimes.

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    Now what would be better is if you sent the original footage to enc so he could incorporate it in his video. Then this joint effort would result in a far superior music video.

    Just my humble opinion.

    The song is kind of hypnotic and just one shot makes the video kind of boring.

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    I deleted me - was talking pants.


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